Disability Equipment Review

Disability Equipment Reviews

Disability Equipment Review

Our disability equipment review is helpful for disabled people, carers and support staff. Indeed, we review items that are made to help people with significant and permanent mobility impairment, to live more independently and with dignity.

There is so much that can be done to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. When it comes to equipment the list is endless. Everything from height adjustable desks to bathroom products can make our lives easier.

Disability Equipment

Here we include items that are more of a medical nature, that help many people with disabilities to make it through the day in good condition. At least they have helped me over the years.

Leg bag for urine

Compression Stockings

disability equipment
Disability Equipment

Lifestyle Disability Equipment

Assistive Technology

Thanks to assistive technology, voice activated software is more available and affordable than ever before.

You should use what fits in with your existing technology. After all, Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant will all do the job for you.

Disability Equipment: Mobility Aids

Getting around and being ‘mobile’ can be very challenging if you have a disability. This is particularly the case in areas that do not have reliable, accessible public transport.

We purchased a vehicle with a wheelchair car ramp to increase my mobility in the community in which I live.

wheelchair car ramp rear access
Wheelchair Car Ramp Rear Access

Power Chair

There is an extensive range of Electric Powerchairs on the market. Everthing from smaller portable, pull apart power chairs, mid sizes electric powerchairs and large bariatric power chairs to electric wheelchairs and power strollers.

Support Work

Disability support work is another area where you can examine your options and find something that works for you. Consequently I found two disability support services in my area, Tribe Disability Support and Home Heart and Health Care.

While you cannot really describe people as ‘disability equipment’, there is no denying support workers improve the lives of people with a disability.

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