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Compression Stockings

Welcome to our compression stockings review. These garments work by exerting most compression at the ankle, with the level of compression gradually reducing up the leg.

Compression Stockings are often worn by people with a disability to improve circulation in their legs and reduce swelling. They are also very useful in reducing the risk of Deep vein thrombosis (DVT). In this compression stocking review we look at mediven.

The medivan stocking is usefully marked with an L (for left) and an R (for right) on the relevant stocking. This may seem a ‘no brainer’ but it is amazing how rarely manufacturers bother to do this.

Compression Stockings Review – Swelling

This product is aimed at preventing swelling. I have found since using these stockings, I have experienced less swelling around my feet and ankles. You need to put them on first thing in the morning and you should experience less swelling during the day.

You may be able to get the cost of purchasing these stockings reimbursed, either under private health insurance or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Best compression socks for circulation

Two more important issues in a compression stockings review are skin integrity and cost. Making sure you have no red marks or any impact on your skin from the sock you choose is very important. This is especially the case if you are a quadriplegic and or suffer lower limb paralysis. However, I have had no skin problems whatsoever using these particular compression stockings.

Cost is always an issue, but these stockings are one of the cheaper options from Mediven and it is competitive with other brands.

My support workers had some recent training with Spinal life Australia and were given the tip to put these socks on ‘inside out’. When you do this, there is less chance of the seams at the toes causing pressure injuries!

Comfort and Appearance – Compression Stocking Review

While I have no feeling in my legs, I am told the mediven travel compression socks are soft and comfortable. However, I like the fact they have a reinforced sole and are available in black and grey. As a result, I go with black, as my trousers are black. In terms of appearance, any observer would assume you are wearing socks.

Having used these compression stockings for some time, I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

mediven compression stockings
Mediven Compression Stockings

Spinal Cord Injury

This product is particularly useful for people with a spinal cord injury who experience swelling in their lower legs. However, putting them on can be a bit tricky. This video may help.

Thank you for reading our compression stockings review.

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