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About Us: Rob Pyne
About Us: Rob Pyne

Hey you! Thanks for coming to my site. My name is Rob and I just love making awesome websites that really help people.

My websites are all about providing useful information, especially to people who need a hand. People with disabilities often have limited resources and have to make their way through a maze of people and services to find things out. This website is for us, our family and support networks.

I broke my neck and became a quadriplegic in 1991. However, after leaving Princess Alexandra Hospital I had to work out what equipment I needed to live in the community. As a result, most of the information I came across was from other people with disabilities. Consequently, this page contains information and reviews that may help others making the transition today.

I am well positioned to provide an impartial review of disability equipment. You can also trust my reviews because I don’t take money from any company or corporation for my reviews. Indeed I am completely independent. 

Meet the Owner of this Site

Rob Pyne

Hi I’m Rob Pyne. I made this site as part of my lifelong commitment to helping people with disabilities.

I am a quadriplegic, Former MP, Councillor & campaigner. Most importantly, I am an activist who seeks to help other people with disabilities and poor people who struggle to survive in a capitalist world.

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