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Ramp Access to Car

People with a high level spinal cord injury often require wheelchair car ramp access. Indeed, there are a great many of us who cannot get out of a wheelchair and into a car seat, making ramp access vital.

Ramp access to vehicles may be via the side or rear entry (as shown below) depending on the type of vehicle and the cost to modify. The below car is a Kia Carnival which makes rear access modification easy and affordable.

wheelchair car ramp rear access
Wheelchair Car Ramp Rear Access

Car Modifications

I wanted wheelchair car ramp access, so I purchased a new Kia Carnival direct from the dealer and sent it to Sydney to be modified by Freedom Motors Australia who I had dealt with before.

There is one downside of the ramp access. Because the rear has to be cut down, you can scrape on some curbs. I travel in largely suburban areas where this is not an issue. However on more rugged country roads, the low back end of the vehicle could be a real problem.

Wheelchair Car Ramp

Having used a Toyota HiAce with a hydraulic lift for a number of years, we much prefer the ramp access option. You don’t need to worry about safety as you are being raised up by a hydraulic lift. Also, you ride more like an every day passenger would. Sure, you are in your own cut down area, but if you sit tall in a wheelchair like me your head is at around the same height as everyone else. This makes it easy to talk with them and see the same scenery as them.

We hope you find suitable wheelchair car ramp access for your independence.

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