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This commode chair review is to help people who find walking difficult or impossible. They usually come in two categories, a ‘bedside’ or a ‘shower’ commode chair. We find more dignity and convenience using a shower chair and our pick of them is the RAZ-At attendant tilt.

What is a commode chair?

A commode chair is a chair a person can use to go to the toilet. It is normally used by people who are unwell or disabled. It can either have a removable pail (bedside commode) or have wheels and go over the toilet (shower commode).

RAZ-AT Attendant Tilt wins commode chair review

Of all the chairs we have tried over the last 30 years, the RAZ – AT is by far our favourite. This is the first commode shower chair I have ever used that has the capacity to tilt.

If you have low blood pressure and get light-headed in the morning when you get up, this is a great feature. Indeed tilting back in the chair for just a few minutes can help you to get your blood pressure back to normal.

For those of us who need to be over the toilet for a while, the padding on this chair is also a much welcomed feature.

The well padded seat on this model is also a plus. The last thing you need is a pressure mark, or worse still, a pressure sore. The padding of the seat protects you from this while you are over the toilet. This is an important consideration.

commode chair reviewed

Commode Chair Review

People with a disability have specific needs. If you have access to an occupational therapist, you should use him or her. Have them look closely at your needs and prescribe a chair specifically aimed at catering for your needs.

Naturally enough my review finds a chair that best suits my needs. So everybody’s needs are different. However, if like me, you have very limited mobility, sit high in a chair, and need support while you bath, this chair fits the bill. As a result there are two tests, function and comfort. Indeed this shower commode chair wins on both counts.

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