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Discover the wonderful benefits a high-low bed provides elderly and disabled people, such as increased safety, convenience, and comfort. Get all the details here!


If you are paralysed or for some reason not able to weight bear, a high low bed is a must for you and your carers or support workers. They provide enhanced safety, comfort, and convenience.

With adjustable height settings, easy access to the mattress, and other features such as vibrating motors, these specialised beds are designed to make life easier for those who may need more support than regular home furniture can provide

Understand your needs

Before you purchase a high-low bed for home care, it’s important to understand your needs. Consider factors such as the type of medical condition you’re living with and its level of severity, the types of activities you’ll be performing in the bed, and any unique comfort or ergonomic needs.

This will help you find the right one for your situation. Additionally, make sure to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider to ensure that they approve any changes in equipment use.

High low bed with OT Georgia
High Low with OT Georgia

High low hospital bed and safety

These beds helps keep elderly and disabled people safe thanks to features such as adjustable height settings and guardrail options, which help ensure that a person does not roll out or experience accidental falls.

High-low beds can also be equipped with fall prevention technology, such as timed alarms that notify caregivers if a person gets out without help. These features can provide an extra layer of protection for those who need it most.

Electric high low adjustable bed

In addition, users have the ability to adjust the head and foot of with a simple click of a button. This helps individuals get comfortable while they are in bed, as they can easily adjust their body positions whenever needed.

High-low beds also provide elevation controls which allow users to raise or lower the whole bed at once if need be. This is especially helpful for people who may require a higher sleep position for better comfort and support.

Worker Safety

Every one of my support workers gave the bed the ‘thumbs up’.

High-low beds are beneficial for both caregivers and patients. The adjustable bed frame can be raised to a convenient height for caregivers to assist the patient in getting in and out of bed quickly and safely, as well as for other various activities that take place during a care routine. For the patient, it’s much easier to get comfortable as they can easily adjust their position themselves, without needing assistance.

Additionally, look for a mattress that is compatible with your chosen high-low bed model and provides necessary support for those with back pain and other medical conditions.

If you have a disability or issues around skin integrity, it is always good to get advice from a trained, occupational therapist.

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